Warranty & Cancellation Rights

Warranty and cancellation periods in all EU-countries + Norway and Iceland

You always have a cancellation period of at least 7 working days from delivery of the goods/from the ordering of a service when you make online purchases within the EU and you have a minimum of 2 years’ right of complaint when making purchases within the EU. However, some countries guarantee a longer cancellation period and/or a longer period of complaints.

Below you find an overview of the different warranty and cancellation periods in each EU-country + Norway and Iceland.

You should be aware that the right of cancellation does not apply to all products and services, and that in some cases this right may be subject to special conditions.

Cancellation periodLimitation period
Austria7 working days2 years
Belgium14 daysNo specific time limit. It should be in a reasonable timeframe
Cyprus14 days2 years
Czech Republic14 days2 years
Denmark14 days2 years
Estonia14 days2 years
Finland14 daysFinland has not adopted any time limits
France7 working days2 years
Germany14 days2 years
Greece10 working days2 years
Hungary8 working days2 years
Iceland14 days2 years and up to 5 years on long lasting goods
Ireland7 working daysNo limitation period
Italy10 working days2 years
Latvia14 days2 years
Lithuania7 working days2 years
Luxembourg7 working days2 years
Malta15 days2 years
Norway14 days2 years and up to 5 years on long-lasting goods
Poland10 days2 years
Portugal14 days2 years
Slovakia7 working days2 years general limit. 1 year (minimum) second hand goods. 5 years on long-lasting goods.
Slovenia14 days2 years
Spain7 working days3 years
Sweden14 days3 years for goods purchased after 1 April 2005
The Netherlands7 working days6 years
United Kingdom7 working daysNo time limit