It is crucial for you to know what your options are if your broadband service isn’t to your liking. If you are unhappy with your supplier, we advise you dig deep into the fine print of our contract.

Make a complaint regarding broadband

Every ISP that is a member of the ISPS (Internet Service Provider’s Society) is expected to conform to the group’s complaint procedure standard. That includes responding to your complaint within five working days, and dealing with it within ten days.

If you think your online connection isn’t up to par with your standards, the first thing you can do is reach out to customer service or tech support using the channels provided by your internet service provider.

Knowing what you are looking for is essential for contacting the company and clarifying your problem. Offering information that is as direct as possible is another useful tip.

Terminate a broadband contract

You must notify your provider if you want to terminate your broadband service, but they will have certain requirements as outlined in the contract. If you are out of contract term, that can mean hefty fees, often equivalent to the cost of the remaining bills. There are certain instances, however, when the disconnection fees won’t be applied, such as circumstances where you have expired contract duration.

Broadband – consumer rights

You are entitled to a basic consumer right when it comes to broadband. Your ordinary information rights with regard to broadband will be summarized as follows.

– Both parties to a contract must stick to the guidelines that are listed in their agreement. If the telecommunications provider fails to satisfy its commitments in accordance with the contract – e.g., it is performing poorly or not performing at all – then you can cancel it.

– All services and products must be safe to use, of adequate quality, meet expectations, and adhere to norms with respect to workmanship. In other words, your Internet service has to be reliable.

– Your internet contract should be equitable and you have the right to cancel the contract at any time, but in some cases you will have to pay a fee.

– Whenever broadband suppliers are signed up with a Dispute Resolution (ADR) company, you can contact that organization whenever a dispute is dragging on.